Clear Direction Small Business

Small businesses are our specialty here at Clear Direction. We know the problems small businesses face and we know how to solve them.


  • Small businesses must, and very well should, watch their budgets very closely. We know how to help you stretch your IT budget. We also know that the cheapest solutions now are not always the best value in the long term. Clear Direction can provide the price/performance balance you are looking for.
  • We loathe pushing hardware. At Clear Direction we are not in the product sales business. If you do not need hardware, new computers, servers, laptops, printers, etc. we will not attempt to convince you to buy them. We wish to be someone in whom you may place your trust. Money spent on unnecessary equipment is money wasted.
  • Our constant research allows us to be apprised of the best IT solutions for most any industry. However if we do not know the answer we will say so and quickly find it.


  • Many small businesses cannot afford to be down for even one day. Because of this we offer same day reliable service and can repair nearly any problem on site.
  • We always arrive in the stated half hour time frame
  • Our goal for your business is that you not need us. We want the same thing you want: your equipment to just work. If your systems work then you will always be ready to recommend us to others and that is our main form of advertisement.


  • When you are working long hours, the last thing you want to do is waste time. We are constantly evaluating your needs to determine how we can save you time. Your systems should help you, not hinder your progress. We can find and implement the tools to speed your processes.
  • Whether it is networking your systems to aid communication or setting up a “work from home” scenario, we can and will meet and exceed your expectations for efficiency.


  • Clear Direction’s staff is committed to your success. We will always speak, dress, and act in a professional manner.
  • If resurrecting your systems requires working late hours, we will be happy to do it without hesitation. We will never leave your site until you are satisfied. No mess left for the next day.
  • We will always do our best to avoid bothering or discouraging your customers. Whether it is something as simple as parking out of the way, or keeping an area clean and uncluttered as we work, we want you and your customers to be happy with our work.

Complete Service:

  • From PC repair to website design, we offer almost all IT related services. You will never have to call anyone else for your IT needs. In the event that we cannot meet your needs for a project, we will suggest or find someone reliable who can.