Daily PC Health Checks – $5.00 a month(per computer)

Our proactive, preventative health checks test key components of the system each morning. We?ll be able to spot problems ? almost always before they cause major problems ? and can fix them fast.

What is included?
CLEARdirection?s PC Health Check Service conducts start-of-day checks to ensure your systems are in peak condition.
We perform the following daily checks:

  • Checks that your antivirus is up-to-date and keeping you safe.?
  • Check that critical software is up to date and secure?
  • Check that your Windows? Services (the bedrock of your computer?s operating system) are operating properly.?
  • Looks for unauthorized log in attempts and determines whether someone has been trying to hack into your systems.
  • Checks to ensure you have adequate disk space remaining. Running out of disk space can cause your computer to crash and involves lengthy delays to repair the device.
  • Check that your disks are healthy and there are no integrity issues.
  • Reviews Critical Event log entries to find other potential issues.

?add the Virus Free Guarantee for $10.00 more a month(per computer)

The CLEARdirection Virus Free Guarantee includes:

  • Business class antivirus by Vipre managed by CLEARdirection
  • We will not only monitor your critical software like java and flash, but we will update it for you where possible.
  • Guaranteed freedom from viruses and malware.(must keep software up to date)
  • If a covered computer becomes infected with a virus during the contract period, we will remove it at no additional cost to you.?
  • More than pays for itself in one use.??

Both levels of service are billed monthly and require a one year contract. Contact us at 865.680.8870 with any questions.