CDCC specializes in high quality, affordable service for all brands of laptop. We can repair any problem laptops encounter. Be it software or hardware we can fix it.


We are now offering dc power jack laptop repairs in Knoxville. What does this mean for you Instead of an expensive motherboard replacement, we can repair the board at a fraction of the cost.


Laptop services that we offer include:

LCD Replacement

-If your screen is cracked, it is unfortunately damaged beyond repair. However, we can replace all brands of laptop lcd. If you have a sony, dell, hp, acer, compaq, or any other brand(including mac) we can have you back up and running in no time.

Backlight Replacement

-Sometimes the only thing wrong with your dark lcd is that the backlight is burnt out. All lcds include a very small special fluorescent light called a cold cathode fluorescent light. Occasionally this lamp will fail. At CDCC, we can desolder your old lamp and add a new one for much less than the cost of a new lcd panel.

Inverter Replacement

-Most often when a lcd mysteriously goes dark, it is the result of a bad inverter. A inverter takes the power from your laptop and ramps it up to the voltage needed by the backlight. If the inverter fails, then the backlight will not light. This repair is also much cheaper than replacing the entire lcd.(often this part is not included in the purchase of a new panel, as such a new lcd panel will not repair this issue.)

DC Jack Repair

-A loose dc jack has normally a couple of possible symptoms. Maybe when you wiggle and hold the plug just right, you can power up the laptop. It will eventually fail to make a connection though. (Stop doing this immediately! You can do permanent damage.) Occasionally it will not power or charge the battery no matter what you do, and sometimes the laptop jack’s center pin will have been ripped out entirely. Many laptop repair shops will determine that you need a new motherboard, but this is not the case. Your laptop needs a new dc jack repair.

We remove the old power jack from the motherboard and desolder and clean the area. Then we place a new dc jack on the motherboard and solder it on. If possible, we reinforce the jack to help prevent reoccurence.

This repair is generally very much less expensive than a motherboard replacement.

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard keys missing Unknown beverage spill. We will replace your broken, sticky keyboard on any laptop.

Touchpad Replacement

Same as above. Touchpads are heavily used and often just wear out. We can replace them.

System Diagnostic

Not sure exactly what is wrong We can find out what is causing your notebook issues.

Memory Upgrades

The latest software always needs more memory. We can upgrade your memory for less.

Windows Tune Up

If your Windows installation is running slowly, we have the tools and techniques to speed it up.

Adware / Malware Removal

Our number one call. The latest adware and spyware can do damage to your system that cannot be undone. We will remove the virus, adware, or spyware and install a group of software to help prevent it in the future.

Virus Removal

Virii are becoming less of a problem, but there are still many circulating that can do much harm. If your software won’t remove it try AVG antivirus and if that fails, we will be glad to help.