Knoxville Computer Repair

CDCC strives to be the best pc, laptop, and network repair company in East Tennessee.

What makes a computer repair and service company great?


Full Service

-Desktop Repair- We repair any brand or model of desktop (tower) computer. All repairs are done in Knoxville. We never ship your PC to someone else.

-Laptop Repair – Our laptop repairs are full service in house. We repair everything from broken dc jacks to bad lcd backlights. Again, we do all repairs in Knoxville. Why ship your laptop to the manufacturer and wait months on a repair. We do all repairs right here.

-Network Design, Setup, and Administration – Let us tell exactly what you need to accomplish your IT goals – We guarantee we can save you money. We sell no equipment and we are allied with no brand. Our staff can put together a plan that will meet your needs now and in the future.

-Data Recovery – We offer full service data recovery. If you have lost all your family photos due to a hard drive crash, we can help. Maybe all your business files were lost when you dropped your usb external hard drive. Clear Direction has the tools and equipment to complete nearly any data recovery scenario. We do all recoveries in house. Noone else in East Tennessee can recover hardware failures without shipping your information to another data recovery company. We keep your data in Knoxville. Call us for a free recovery estimate or visit our site for more information.

-Web Design and Administration – Visit our web design page for some of our satisfied customers. Our website and graphic design service is sure to fit your needs. We offer many options from small business presence sites to large community sites.

Timely Service

-Our pc repair, networking, and laptop technicians arrive on time – no 4 hour windows.

-Most picked up computer repairs are completed and returned in 24 hours or less

Quality Repairs

-We work to repair the problem correctly the first time

-Only high quality parts are used in any desktop or laptop repair

-All pc hardware is guaranteed for one year

Up-front Pricing

-All customers are given a repair estimate after the initial evaluation before any work is started

Honest Service

-We do not sell computers and have no reason to push new systems on customers who do not need them. If a new system purchase is necessary we will suggest a system purchase that will meet your needs.

-All bad parts are returned to the customer to maintain accountability

Professional Technicians

-All technicians dress and act professionally at all times and are aware that their only job is to serve you.

-In this constantly changing field, our technicians work diligently to keep their knowledge and expertise current

Don’t waste your time standing in line only to find out that the squad of geeks can’t help you or worse that they weren’t the “best buy” after all. If you truly want the best, call us today.


We are here to relieve your pc induced stress. That is why we say,

“Relax. We can fix IT.”